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How to Choose 100-Year Vision for Your Life


The new Justice League movie is about to come out. Batman and friends united against the forces of evil. The world has been waiting for this movie for years. There have already been three movies to set it up. But I had a healthy reminder that this movie, like other Hollywood blockbusters, is a story,…

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3 Ways to Prepare for Turning 40


“Me? A leader?” It was only in my 30s did I begin to realize that I was called to leadership. That’s because I was already leading. It occurred to me one night, when I was about 31, as I shut the lights off in my house at night. I realized that on that particular night,…

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Winning the Productivity Game

For me, it’s a strange feeling get my grades back from a test. On one hand, in the case of a good grade, I want affirmation that I did a good job. Something I can build on, something I can frame and put on my wall. On the other hand, in the case of a…

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Your Personal Productivity Score

Do you want to be more productive? To get more done in the day? To have more time to rest and focus on other things, like your family and community? Or how about that side project you’re so passionate about? Well, the first step in getting to that place is knowing where you are now.…

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye (for Now)

Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe you haven’t, but it’s been over 90 days since I gave you any new, helpful content in leadership and productivity. (What I call “life strategy”.) Currently, I work as a freelancer. I serve clients in branding, web design, and content marketing. (What I call “online strategy”.) I am now committed…

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Should You Work for Free? Yes. Here’s Why.

Have you ever been offered to be paid for doing some kind of work that you would have gladly done for free? Can you think of why you would have done it for free? Now, if you subtract that reason, would you still have done the work for free? Stressed? Exhausted? In debt? You need a…

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How to Reach Your People

Everyone has “their people”. Sports fans share a camaraderie with those who like the same teams (we saw quite a bit of this last week in American baseball). People share a bond with other people who like the same music, books, and movies. We’re drawn to the people who share our culture. Stressed? Exhausted? In…

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