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You Need to Set Aligned Goals for 2018

I set a list of goals for 2017. I achieved none of them. Because of the way I set up my goals, I started this year with five side projects, and no main projects. I had no steady source of income, and I was speculating with a handful of pursuits. They included: running a marketing…

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Winning the Productivity Game

For me, it’s a strange feeling get my grades back from a test. On one hand, in the case of a good grade, I want affirmation that I did a good job. Something I can build on, something I can frame and put on my wall. On the other hand, in the case of a…

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Your Personal Productivity Score

Do you want to be more productive? To get more done in the day? To have more time to rest and focus on other things, like your family and community? Or how about that side project you’re so passionate about? Well, the first step in getting to that place is knowing where you are now.…

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Be Ruthless With Your Time. Ruthless.

Be ruthless We all would like to block out distractions, be more focused, and get more work done. But I never heard it said as well as when I heard it from Alex Mathers: Be ruthless with how you protect the clarity and completion of anything you produce. My interpretation of that? Be ruthless with…

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