Yo 40Nuggets!

Hi 40Nuggets people!

I’m interested in the Content Marketing Writer position.

My name’s Adam. 39 years old. Israeli-born, American-raised, Jerusalem-based. Passionate about branding, web design, and content marketing. Musician, skateboarder, and father of 8.


I’m happy to respond to your position requirements:

Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize work.

Self-assessment: 9/10

I’m currently an entrepreneur (looking for work), and I’ve got 8 kids. Multiple responsibilities and priorities is something I know 🙂 I even made an online course about it!

Excellent English writing skills

Self-assessment: 8/10

I grew up in suburban America. I speak fluent English (and Ebonics). I’ve written dozens of articles. Been featured in the Made in JLM blog, Basecamp’s Signal v. Noise blog, and elsewhere.

Quick and eager to learn.

Self-assessment: 9/10

I study my craft daily, mainly over at Michael Hyatt’s “Platform University” and previously through Copyblogger’s “Authority” Program.

Must be detailed in documenting information and practice good follow ­through techniques

Self-assessment: 8/10

I like to blog about business wins and other processes that I think will be a benefit to others. Here’s an example, a blog post about hiring freelancers online: http://singingscout.com/upwork/

Possess excellent verbal communication skills.

Self-assessment: 9/10

I’ve spoken at a few events in the past, but I’m most proud of my Facebook live videos – here’s a good example: https://www.facebook.com/adamleerosenfeld/videos/1137066309675695/

Fantastic interpersonal, communications, and influencing skills

Self-assessment: 9/10

Again, I would point to my Facebook live videos here’s that example again: https://www.facebook.com/adamleerosenfeld/videos/1137066309675695/

Confidence, patience, ambition and drive

Self-assessment: 8/10

Being a father of 8 children has taught me a lot. One of those things is how to focus on your craft and develop your abilities in a specific area. Because when you have limited time, you need to choose to focus on the right things. For the past few years, I focused on reaching people online. So I’m ambitious and driven in this area 🙂

Basic understanding of marketing metrics and analytics including Google Analytics

Self-assessment: 7/10

Got it. I know how to read analytics results, but I haven’t worked in the past years with the kinds of results that are very actionable. Y’know, the kind of results that give you a lot of leverage to make business decisions that have a lot of impact.

Familiar with or very comfortable learning new marketing tools and technology

Self-assessment: 9/10

Always looking to learn and master new tools and processes.

Ability to work successfully in a fast-­paced environment

Self-assessment: 8/10

I’m a bit of a productivity nerd, so I actually work with two timers running – a project timer from Toggl, and a focus timer from Saent.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to get in touch by email: adamleerosenfeld@gmail.com

By telephone: ++972 54 203 6034

By Skype (email ahead of time): adamleerosenfeld

And on social media:

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