About Us

So you have a document, an article, a book, that you need in Hebrew.

You need a realistic and affordable estimate as to when you can get it translated into Hebrew. You need to know that it will be translated in a way that will reach and inform the Hebrew-speaking reader. And you need to be able to get this service in a way that won’t take up too much of your time (is two minutes OK?).

Reach Israelis is a two-person team of fluent English and Hebrew speakers. We both spent time living in the US, and currently live in Jerusalem, Israel. We’re even married to American wives! Together we have over a decade of experience with Hebrew translation, including:

  • academic content (with a focus on biblical studies),
  • legal documents,
  • informational newsletters,
  • finance resources,
  • technical content/manuals,
  • copywriting,
  • and more…

Feel free to visit our one-of-a-kind Project Order Form (currently in testing) to launch your project instantly. Or use our Get a Quote form and we’ll get back to you within two business days.

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