Red Lemon Club Cover Letter

Hi Alex,

Saw a while back you were looking to fill some positions for Red Lemon Club. I’m getting in touch because I’d like to be considered for any or all of the roles you mentioned.

First off, I want to thank you for the awesome content you’ve been providing via Red Lemon Club. It’s been a big help to me these past few years – so thanks.

Here’s what you said you were looking for:

Liaising with other bloggers and influencers via CRM

About CRM: I’m a big CRM enthusiast, so much so that I made a podcast episode about it called Why Everyone Needs a CRM.

About other bloggers and influencers: As for as my own connections go, here are a few acheivements:

  • I’ve had the privilege of doing some content work for the productivity startup Saent.
  • I got to play a part in the promotion for Jeff Goins’ recent book “The Art of Work”.
  • I got to meet InVision CEO Clark Valberg here in Jerusalem, Israel – and he’s even a subscriber to my blog!
  • Basecamp interviewed me for a post for their internal company blog.

So, I’m pretty comfortable with reaching out to bloggers and influencers, and I’ve been using CRM (Highrise) for 3 years now.

Sourcing and managing content and products for the site

I’d be happy to help with this, if it’s any help, I’m a user of the Rainmaker Platform, and they have some powerful content curation options.

Social media engagement, and content sourcing and sharing

I’m a Buffer user myself, so I’d be happy to help here.

Working with creators in planning and building new products and courses.

I’ve enjoyed having my own platform for the past year or so. During that time, I’ve been learning from sources like Copyblogger’s Authority program and Michael Hyatt’s Platform University.  These have been invaluable resources for learning about creating products for online learning.

And about me:

I’m a Gen-X/Gen-Y writer and designer living in Jerusalem, Israel. I have 8 kids(!) and I like to skate and play loud indie rock.

Here’s a nice quote about me:

Adam is a great and diligent guy, always looking to develop himself and not afraid to pick up any assignment thrown at him. – Tim Metz, CEO, Saent

Thanks so much for reading.

Feel free to get in touch by email:

By telephone: ++972 54 203 6034

By Skype (email ahead of time): adamleerosenfeld

And on social media:

Click here for my full resume.

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