Live Translator Work Agreement

Hi there, happy to have you on board! Glad that you chose Reach Israelis as your platform for offering live Hebrew translation services but first we gotta work a few things out:

By offering live Hebrew translation services through Reach Israelis, you agree to the following:

Reach Israelis is your professional home.

You agree to offer live Hebrew translation services only via the Reach Israelis website. Please don’t sell your live translation services in any other way.

Live translation is a paid service.

You agree to present your live Hebrew translation abilities as a paid service, and you will not to offer your services for free, or on a donation basis, except for in the following situations:

  • Live Hebrew translation for your home congregation (just one congregation guys!)
  • Live Hebrew translation for your ministry (just one ministry too!)

Reach Israelis is your brand.

You agree to wear (and to remember to wear) a Reach Israelis badge (or similar branding that will be given to you) at all live translation events, to provide exposure for the brand. This also helps to reinforce the idea that live Hebrew translation is a paid, professional service.

Please fill out the form below to confirm we are in agreement.

Any questions? Email me.


– Adam


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