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You First

So you made it this far in life – how do you lead the way from here?

Maybe this describes you:

You had a more or less normal childhood. You were told, “you can do anything,” and you believed it. But after years of doing “anything,” there was a “something” that was always just out of reach.

And maybe this is you too:

Now you’re in your 30s, you’re married with kids (which is awesome but h-a-r-d), you’re working in something that’s kinda what you want to do but not quite, you’re in debt, you’ve got awesome ideas that seem like they’re never gonna happen…

And maybe this hits the nail on the head:

…and you wonder to yourself: “How did I get here?”

Me? A Leader?

Many of us were blessed with wonderful opportunities and benefits. We grew up as first-world princes and princesses. But we indeed grew up – fast – without the necessary tools both to lead our own lives and to lead the next generation as well.

And boy, I for one tried. I thought I could do anything, so I started a few bands, I started a business, and I started a family. But I did these things with a sense of entitlement and an immaturity that was costing me my happiness, my health, and my future.

Until it hit me – I’m the one responsible. For my life, for my family, for my home – for my future, for the future. And even if no one was going to tell me I was a leader, I realized that I already was one. Maybe not a leader in the traditional sense, like a government official, a military commander, or a CEO, but a leader in the personal sense.

And you are too.

You’re invited to learn from my journey of leading the way from here.

Over time, I came to realize that my choices to have a family, to honor my national identity, and to pursue a relationship with God have positioned me with a unique point of view. Here’s where I share it. I’d love for you to be able to benefit from it as well.

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Oh, and About Me

I’m Adam.

I am in my mid-30s and I grew up in suburban America. That means I actually saw Vanilla Ice when he was on TV, and not just on some nostalgic YouTube video. Today I live in Jerusalem, Israel, with my wife and eight children. I make loud indie rock music and I love skateboarding.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2002, working in music distribution and production, translation, design, web development, and content marketing.

I’m a big project management enthusiast with over 200 projects archived on Basecamp. In fact, my Basecamp best practices even got me featured on their internal company blog.

Also, I am a former IDF soldier who experienced combat in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

And one more thing: when I was seven years old, I designed a toy for my favorite cartoon, Voltron. I got this letter back from the company.

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Thanks for reading!


The content on this site is based on my experience as a father, an entrepreneur, a worker in a non-profit organization, and an artist. I’m not a licensed counselor or health worker – the only license I have is for driving a car. I am not responsible for decisions you make based on this content, or their outcomes. I am committed to helping you get results that are as good as or better than mine, but I can’t guarantee them.

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