About Me (old)


Hi there, my name’s Adam.

Thanks for reading, it shows you have some interest in me. I’m basically a creative guy that likes to make new things that are beautiful. Over the years, I’ve been able to figure out where my talents, passion, and professionalism lie. In branding, content marketing, and WordPress development.

What is branding?

I grew up in suburban America, and one of my favorite places in the world is the American highway. Businesses are always trying to get your attention as you’re driving down the highway. So they create colorful, large logos to identify you with their service. This is a big part of American culture. It’s a big part of my childhood as well.

Today we are presenting ourselves and what we offer to the world on the Internet, and the networks within. Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There’s a battle for our attention in these networks, just like there’s a battle for your attention when you’re driving down the highway. My desire is to create beautiful, recognizable identities that are fitting for these networks (and “highways”). I also desire that these identities communicate trust and value.

This is expressed in things like logo design, typography, and color schemes. And in how these are integrated and expressed in your platform (website) or other materials.

What is content marketing?

When you set out to communicate a message, you are inviting people to a relationship with you. Your message could be about how good your product or service is, how great your art is, or how important your cause is. All of which require responsibility on your part. And not only are you connecting with people, you are also leading them to the place you want them to go. Be it your product or service, your art, your cause, etc.

Communicating responsibly is leadership. And I desire to help others create a strategy for their leadership. One that honors the message and the listener. Such a strategy is expressed in things like the frequency and location of your content (your blog posts). Also, in what you choose to write about, what other design resources should accompany your content, and more.

What is WordPress development?

When you communicate, you need a platform. That’s what I call a website – a platform. And today’s platform has the capabilities of what many brick-and-mortar stores had 20 years ago. Your platform is the home for your content marketing strategy, and it is beautified by your brand. It is the place where you ultimately interact with your followers, and where you lead.

Today we have the opportunity to build websites upon a framework called WordPress. (WordPress is a CMS – a content management system.) WordPress is not only my framework of choice, but that of over 60 million other websites as well. I build WordPress sites exclusively with the Genesis framework, which is considered to be “the best of the best.”

Why do I offer three different services instead of one? Because these are three services that work together – they’re interdependent. You can’t have one without the other and expect to see the kind of results you want to see.

And another thing: I’m not a rock star.

Sure, I’ve banged out a solo or two onstage. I even dressed up like a cow once. But I’m no rock star. I built this platform to show you who I am. You can read my articles and view my work – that’s what I have to share. I guarantee you there are more experienced professionals out there. It’s your choice, I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to work doing what I love.

Oh, and About Me

I am in my mid-30s and I grew up in suburban America. That means I actually saw Vanilla Ice when he was on TV, and not just on some nostalgic YouTube video. Today I live in Jerusalem, Israel, with my wife and eight children. I make loud indie rock music and I love skateboarding. As of today, I would like to spend my 40s skateboarding, my 50s making sushi, my 60s in politics, my 70s teaching the Bible, and my 80s running marathons. All while living in a self-sustainable community.

And one more thing: when I was seven years old, I designed a toy for my favorite cartoon, Voltron. I got this letter back from the company.

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