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How I Share My Favorite Music

I’m gonna share with you one of the most beautiful songs I know. And with every beautiful thing, there’s a story. So I’ll share that too. Five years ago I got sick. I was sick for days, the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months. One day I woke up with significant hearing…

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10 Awesome Quotes From Jeff Goins' "The Art of Work"

Jeff Goins #artofworkbook

There are many generous people out there. People are sharing knowledge and resources like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful – most of the time. But I need to take a moment and acknowledge the person who has shown me the most generosity.  This person seriously added value to my life in this current season. While…

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Finding Your Voice, One Post at a Time

Finding Your Voice

Do you ever feel that you just have too much to say, so you don’t end up saying anything? I have. Over time, and with the help of some encouraging people, I’ve learned a bit of what that’s about. It is the pursuit of finding your voice. So for the past five months, I have…

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Worst Day Ever? Here are 4 Tips for a Quick Win.

Everything went wrong today* – one thing after another after another after another. It got to the point where I fantasized of having a camera crew with me to document the craziness. I caught myself dreaming of receiving some award or medal for this convergence of trivial struggles. And yeah, that’s a fantasy. My situation…

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The Best of 2014, and What Lies Ahead

This last year marked the year I launched this blog, my blog. I’ve had these ideas running around in my head for quite a while now, and this was the year that I finally did something about it. I shipped. I finally gave expression to some of those ideas, and in the process I connected with…

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