Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice, One Post at a Time

Do you ever feel that you just have too much to say, so you don’t end up saying anything? I have. Over time, and with the help of some encouraging people, I’ve learned a bit of what that’s about. It is the pursuit of finding your voice.

So for the past five months, I have been intentionally writing with the intent of finding my voice. (Because I’m intentional like that.)

A bit about my voice: well, my identity is found in my family, my nationality, and my relationship with God. That’s who I am. But what about where my place is? My place is on the front lines. We all are on the front lines somewhere, unless we’re shirking our duty. My front lines are at the convergence of business, ministry, and art.

And I gotta problem:

I’ve been operating under the misconception that says:

  • I can’t share about business in a ministry context.
  • I can’t share about ministry in a business context.
  • I can’t share about ministry or business in an art context.

Not. Really. True.

So, in my attempt to add value to your lives on your own front lines, today I’m going to share with you one of my most honest posts. It comes from my experience in ministry, but it applies to business and art as well.

I wrote it for the blog “Day & Night Worship,” run by Toby and Brooke Manolis. These guys are committed for change in the world, and I’m glad to know ‘em.

To quote from my post:

We need something that warrants a total casting off of our social order… that place where we totally lose ourselves.

So if you’re in business, if you’re in ministry, or if you’re an artist – this post is for you. It’s called: “Worship is the Reward: Why It’s Ok to Lose Yourself”

Click here to read it.

 * Photo: Bobby McFerrin is one cool dude. Image source: Wikipedia