So, the New Rainmaker platform came out.

I know this would be a gamechanger for me, so much so that I called it one of my two “big scaries”:

  1. The New Rainmaker platform
  2. Learning Ruby On Rails (gulp)

(I recently read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, in which he references BHAGs – Big Hairy Audacious Goals. I was stoked to see that term after using my own “big scaries.”)

So, I’m torn – what do I pursue? The development of a platform for myself, or the development of web-based apps? Make no mistake, New Rainmaker falls squarely in the first category. And because I’m already maintaining my own blog, I’m pursuing the former for now.

The New Rainmaker platform

I had put off signing up for a free trial for a long time, because I knew that I would want to be a paid customer. I was waiting for the last possible moment to make that decision. That moment came this month.

For the first time, I feel like I have a head start on a new technology, instead of playing catchup, like I’ve been doing with WordPress.

So what about my platform? I know that:

  • I don’t want to bother with updates.
  • I don’t want to break my code.
  • I want my site to be fast.
  • …and I don’t want to be an amateur about any of these things.

The Rainmaker platform steps right in there and takes care of all this for me. This allows me to focus on creating content.

So, this is another review praising Rainmaker – because it’s fitting. And yes, I just signed up for the affiliate program (I’ve never been an affiliate of anything online before, so that’s a step for me).

And what about you? Are you looking to pay for a monthly Rainmaker subscription? You may not think your site is worth that expense, but that should give you pause. What is your site there for anyway?

I’m working my way to knowing the Rainmaker platform inside-out. Ever since I began setting up WordPress sites, I was drawn to the Genesis framework – a beautiful WordPress child theme. I began frequently check out and buying Genesis themes from Studiopress. I watched carefully every other service they offered (Synthesis, Scribe, Authority). And as much as I wanted to sign up for these extra services, none of them seemed right for me at the time. But Rainmaker? That’s a different story.

How did I start creating a platform? I took the “My 500 Words” challenge by Jeff Goins. What I ended up with was an active blog. And I found that my thoughts, my message, my voice, could grouped according into categories. All with one main theme: the convergence of business, community, and art.

So now my blog is on the Rainmaker platform. Should yours be there too? That depends. You’re welcome to get in touch (by commenting below) to discuss it further. But for me, Rainmaker is the future, a little renaissance in my professional life.

Click here to check out the New Rainmaker platform: Introducing: The Rainmaker Platform by Copyblogger Media