"Good" Burger

Ship When You Don't Want To

It dawned on me. I had to ship this site – it was standing in the way of so many other things I wanted to see done in my life – to see done in the world. There were so many things I wanted my site to look like, the story that I wanted it to tell, the call to action I wanted to put out there – but these things kept delaying the actual launch of the site.

I came across a post on WPMUDEV about minimalist themes – and even though I present myself as a Genesis framework purist, I could not shake the beauty and simplicity of “Less” by Jared Erickson. So that’s what you’re looking at now* (show Jared some love on Twitter here).

It’s time to write, and write. To reach out and connect. For so many years I’ve been hiding under a covering of indifference, because I didn’t want to fumble in the game of putting yourself out there and being sincere. But Jeff Goins challenged me to stop waiting for “perfect,” so it’s time for “good.” (Come to think of it, the Big Man Himself used that term when referring to His own work in the story of Creation – He didn’t say “perfect,” He said “good.”)

So let’s settle for “good” for now. Or “all good.”

* UPDATE: I have since move this site to the Rainmaker Platform. Boom!